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Cisco Gallardo and Johnnie Williams

Cisco Gallardo and Johnnie Williams

As a former Gang member(CISCO) and working on the issue of youth violence for over 20 years, I believe that youth need many opportunities to succeed.

There are very few job opportunities for youth that have been impacted by gangs in Denver. The CBI recently stated there are over 12,000gang members in Colorado and of those, 8,000are in the Denver Metro Area.  Also in today shared economic times our youth are competing with dislocated workers and other young people for jobs.  GRASP reaches out to these youth with positive alternatives to the gang lifestyle.  It’s been said “nothing stops a bullet like a job.”

GRASP has over 25 years of experience in working with youth in Denver and building successful programs and partnerships.  Using the combination of that knowledge and passion for the youth, we have a formed a strong team to build on those successes and to create a stable business. 

To provide youth with employment opportunities, GRASP developed a social enterprise, GRASP Enterprises. Our first venture, a silkscreen & embroidery shop will give the Job Readiness Training component, a curriculum designed in partnership with The Office of Economic Development, Servicios de La Raza, and others, as well as provide real-world skills and training.

GRASP Enterprises has received a donation of an embroidery machine and a capital grant to purchase the silk screen equipment and another grant to offset the initial start-up costs.  Our initial goal is to employ 35 youth a year,  but with additional investments and contacts we can not only build our capacity and become sustainable but also expand to serve even more youth.


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